Ticket Information

All online tickets for our events are sold via the Blackpool Tower official website theblackpooltower.com and are priced to give everyone the maximum discount possible. Whether you are part of a group or travelling on your own, the ticket price is the same and you’re sure to have a fantastic night.

Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba at Blackpool Tower Tickets Availability and Pricing

Super Saver tickets are available in advance at limited numbers priced £12.00  direct from 4 The Love Of Dance staff or selected Vendors. If you are from further afield you may email info@4theloveofdance.co.uk to check availability.

Online Early Bird Tickets are available online at £16 until midnight, the day prior to any of our events. Tickets are then available on the door at the increased price of £20.
To buy online visit http://www.theblackpooltower.com and select our event.

Please be aware that some customers have previously advised that tickets show as unavailable. If this should happen, it can easily be solved by manually selecting the date on the ticket date page. 

Further Ticket Information

Walk Up or Telephone bookings

If you are local to Blackpool or simply prefer using the phone, you may choose to use the Towers Box Office. Telephone 01253 622242 or visit the Box Office which is open from 10am. Closing times vary daily. Prior to the day of the event tickets are £16.00

Ticket Vendor

We also have a limited number of Super Saver tickets which you can also purchase at the advanced rate of £12.00 in person from our vendors at various salsa venues prior to the event or for those of you further afield by emailing info@4theloveofdance.co.uk. Please note these are strictly limited availability and often sell out within a few days of being released.

On the day of the Event

On the day of the event tickets are ONLY available from the Box Office in person and are priced at £20.00

The 4 the Love of Dance team are here to help. If you experience any difficulties purchasing tickets, please either message us on Facebook via http://www.facebook.com/4theloveofdance use our contact form or call 0782 886 8307.