August 25, 2014

About Us

4 The Love of Dance was created out of love, by dancers, for dancers.

A team of like minded individuals who came together to present an epic dance event, at an epic venue, showcasing some of the finest DJs from the UK scene. We aim to deliver a special experience upon each and every visit and at an affordable price. Bringing you that little something extra, be it prize drawers for some of the largest party nights and congresses in the UK, or a pair of new dance shoes to take you across that iconic floor.

After our first year we’re privileged to be welcoming guests from all over the UK, and further afield with our furthest guest travelling from Bahrain to Blackpool.

We really do approach each and every one of our events as a fresh new challenge and love getting feedback, of any kind, about our events. We’re listening and learning every time. The Blackpool Tower events take a lot of organising and we couldn’t conceive of a better team to put it all together. So here’s a little more about us.

Carlos started dancing after visiting Mexico and basically being tricked into it. So beginners; if you think you’re bad or lacking in confidence Carlos is just 16 or so years further along the journey. Since that first day in Mexico it has been a passion and love ever since, and just so you know he still gets as giddy as a small child at Christmas every time he walks through the doors of the Ballroom.

Organisational genius number one, ‘the lady of the lists’. Helen has a list for everything and we often think the only thing she loves more than dancing is making lists and checking them off in various colours. She has gained a wealth of experience in the salsa world, working at various festivals and congresses in the UK and worldwide, either as crew, teaching assistant or event management. Often the lady running around in the background making sure everything is running smoothly.


Relatively new to the team to head up our guest liaison service at front of house. Jane is on hand to help the Tower staff process all our visitors as quickly as possible and has a handy stock of dance night saviours, so do not struggle for the want of a plaster, safety pin, nail glue, a taxi number or a charging point for your phone. Jane always takes customer service to the next level, in fact, and it has been said, higher than the tower itself

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